God with skin on

finding god’s love in human relationships


Maybe you’ve read the book or maybe you haven’t.  No matter, you still have relationships.  Even if you’re a hermit living in a cave, by coming to this site you’ve embarked on a virtual relationship with me.  So there.

This site is a place to explore the themes in the book.  In churchy language, it’s about incarnation--about God’s love becoming flesh.  It’s not primarily about the life and times of Jesus, although examples from his life and the lives of those in the Bible abound. 

It is about how Jesus lives now...today...through you.  It’s about how to be the Body of Christ in the world.  For everyone you meet.  Everybody.  Even the nasty lady who sneers at you in church and the boss who only lives to ruin your day.  And it’s about how to let your partner and your mother-in-law and your stupid, no-good sister teach you about God’s love.

It’s even about your dog.  And your dead grandmother.  Come on in.

“You may be the only Jesus some people ever meet.”

“We might get to the pearly gates far ahead of the pack, only to find that no one is allowed in alone.”

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Lev. 19:18)

It’s all about relationships...